BLUES AGAINST HUNGER SOCIETY is an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry through the preservation and promotion of American music known as the blues. Our mission is to produce, help produce, and promote blues music food drive events. 

All concerts are free to the public, BAHS accept only food donations. No money is accepted. Events are supported through the generosity of sponsors, venues, and musicians. All concert events invite local and regional musicians to participate, along with celebrity sit-ins. The public is encouraged to donate non-perishable food items. Collected donations go to the local food bank in each community an event is held.

BLUES AGAINST HUNGER SOCIETY produces two annual food drive tour designed to reach out to blues musicians, music lovers, and organizations to help feed the hungry within their own communities, the American BREWERS & BLUES and in Mexico BAJA BLUES TOUR.

BLUES AGAINST HUNGER SOCIETY began in San Felipe Baja, California on May 9, 2013, when two promoters decided to produce a food drive for the hungry families and elderly of their area. The event was such as success they decided to take it on the road.

The first tour was the summer of 2014 with performance food drives in a dozen cities from San Diego, California to Medford, Oregon and raised nearly 4000 lbs of food for those communities. In winter 2015, the next tour headed south of the border and covered another 7 cities from San Felipe in northern Baja to Cabo San Lucas in Baja Sur, Baja California, Mexico. The tour raised another 2700 lbs of food for those Mexican communities.

The Blues Against Hunger Society is an organization to help improve people's lives through the sharing of our passion for the blues and giving back to our communities. Blues and hunger are both born of poverty. Blues is about overcoming, and with blues we can overcome hunger.

Be part of the movement to help raise food for those in need with all styles of blues.
It is easy - join and get involved; go see a show, join the jam, or host an event. 



BLUES AGAINST HUNGER was founded by Sixx & Rachel Pack, both lifetime marketers and promoters from California. After years of promoting the two retired to Baja California Mexico in 2006, by 2008 they were back promoting again, only this time in Mexico. After another 7 years promoting local festivals, and after the great success of a blues food drive, they decided to take the event on the road and created BLUES AGAINST HUNGER.

Other Previous Festivals

Sixx and Rachel behind the stage at the 2008 Blues & Arts.
 (Founders bios) 
BLUES & ARTS FESTIVAL (2008 - 2014)

In 2008 the newly chartered San Felipe Lions Club hired Sixx and Rachel to help them produce their foundation fundraising event, the San Felipe Blues & Arts festival in San Felipe, Baja California. For the next 7 years, they managed stage production, hosting and musical talent for the event, while the Lions Club managed sponsors, volunteers, ticketing, and concessions. The event is still going strong and has raised enough to build an orphanage and provide eye and medical care for those in need within San Felipe. Photos: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 

Sixx and Rachel on stage at Baja Blues Fest 2012. 

In 2012, Marty and Jackie Alameda hired Sixx and Rachel to help them produce a fundraising blues festival in Rosarito Beach. The event was a great success and launched a new blues event in Baja California. Featuring the best regional and International artists and had raised thousands for local kids in need. Photos: 2012


In 2014 Rachel and Sixx, along with good friend Terry Van Arsdale produced the Bud Light Latino Fest in El Dorado Ranch. The event was a great success, not only in terms of attendance but also the music variety of Latin music from Flamenco to Norteno and including the finest Latin cuisine. Photos: 2014

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