Blues Against Hunger Frequently Asked Question

The Blues Against Hunger Society produces many concerts, tours, and events. The following are common questions, however, we encourage any questions, or the chat app in the bottom right of the screen.


Q: How do BAHS events work?
A: All the BAHS food drive concert events work the same. They are always free to the public. The public is invited and encouraged them to come out and bring a non-perishable food donation the night of the event. Which is placed in collection barrels provided in advance by the local food bank.

Q: Do people bring food and drop off at the event location?
A: Yes. Food donations are collected during the event. We have had venues in the past place a food donation barrel out all week in advance of the event to help promote the upcoming event and increase the food donations to help the community. If you would like to do this, we can make the arrangements.

Q: Where do the food donations go?
A: All the food donations go to the local food bank in your area. We arrange with the local organization to come and pick up the donations, normally the following business day.

Q: Can I make a cash donation?
A: No. Unfortunately, the Blues Against Hunger Society does not accept cash donations, only food. The organization is supported by the venues hosting the events. 

Q: Why do you do this?
A: Our purpose is to bring awareness to the growing problem of hungry, collect donations for the local food banks and share the blues. Blues and hunger are both born of poverty. Blues is about overcoming, and with blues, we can help overcome hunger. We try and keep it simple.

Q: How long have you produced blues food drives?
A: We have been producing blues food drives since March 2013.


Q: How is the event marketed/advertised?
A:  Each EVENT is supported by the Blues Against Huner staff with print marketing, social and traditional marketing with Press Releases and radio; lots of visibility.

Q: How can the breweries/taphouses (You) help market their event?
A: Simple, just do what (You) do market with postering, FB posts, and word of mouth.


Q: Who provides the blues music?
A: The host band Sweet, Sixx and The Wild Pack will host the event with guest jammers and pre-arranged guest celebrity musicians from the area.

Q: Do you play music and promote at the same time?
A: Yes, but not more than any charitable event. Primarily the event is a blues concert with special guest musicians and jam. During the event, we will thank the audience for donations, explain what the event is all about, introduce guests musicians, etc.

Q: Who pays for the event?
A: The venue would simply pay the event host band equal to that of any average local band. Specific details are worked out with each venue individually. The BAHS provides all the marketing, guest appearances, and social marketing.

Q: Is it aways blues?
A: Yes, but in a wide range of styles. Sometimes the setlist is specific to a region, or specific songs are performed because of a guest musicians requests, etc. The setlist usually ranges between old classic blues standards to modern blues rock.

Q: Are the events always electric?
A: No. The music can change based on the venues zoning or license, For this reason, some events are electric blues and some are all acoustic. While some allow cover music and some only original material. The tour can accommodate almost any venue or audience.


Q: How many people do you anticipate coming?

A: Tough question. In all honesty, it varies greatly by the market; their generosity, their love of blues, or the scheduled guest appearances. What we have learned through years of event promotion: shows sell, but events sell out. We put a lot of energy into marketing, networking, arranging special guests, etc. All the being said, we try to quantify 100 people min. However, the 2016 Winter tour exceeded 200 on several occasions and 300 more than once - in MEXICO.  

Q: How do people find out?
A: BAHS supports all our events with print marketing, social and traditional marketing and PR; lots of visibility, and lots of positive energy. Additionally, networking though BAHS members, large blues Facebook groups, blues societies throughout the United States, and through word of mouth between blues fans and musicians.


Q: Is Blues Against Hunger a 501c3?

A: Not yet, but we are in the process. The BAHS does not accept cash donations, only food. Which is then donated to the local food bank.

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